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Visitors to this site are hereby given notice that all written content contained herein is expressly protected by copyright and that the owner of the content is the Thornhill Community Association, Inc (the "Owner").

No reproduction or electronic dissemniation of the Owner's content is permissable under the Owner's copywright without its prior written consent. To the extent that use of Owner's content on this electronic site is not contrary to Owner's Records Inspection Policy, Members of Thornhill (as defined in the Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Thornhill Community Association, Inc.) may enjoy and use the content copyrighted herein for their own personal purposes only. Members may not republish, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or distrubute the copyrighted materials.

The words "Thornhill," "Thornhill Community," and "Thornhill Community Association," "http://www.thornhillnc.net," "thornhillnc," and the logotype appearing on this site are service marks of Thornhill Community Association, Inc. Any use of these service marks without the prior and written consent of Thornhill Community Association, Inc. may be prohibited under Title 15 of the United States Code. This prohibition extends to Universal Resource Locators (web site addresses) and other expressions or combinations of the Thornhill name or impressions of the Thornhill logotype meant to attract attention to any other service but that of Thornhill Community Association, Inc.


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