A quiet, but bustling neighborhood nestled in the heart of Ballantyne, Thornhill offers many wonderful amenties, as well as provids a variety of events and activities for its residents. In addition to the information provided on this site of our Homeowners Association (HOA), this section provides information about other groups and services that make our neighborhood great! A "Members" page is offered to all residents of Thornhill; registration is required to view and access this page. If you don't have an account register here.

  • For Sale/For Buy - a FREE classified advertising section for Thornhill residents
  • Clubs - an overview of some of our clubs and organizations
  • 'hood Biz - a listing of businesses that are operated by Thornhill residents
  • Tornados - neighborhood summer swim team
  • Pool - pool hours and rules
  • Photo Albums - area under construction
  • Big Rock Park - information about the public park tucked in Thornhill across from the Pool/Pavilion area and backing up to many of our residents' homes


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