Key Documents

Official Cover Letter and Ballot
Document can be downloaded, printed, and used to vote
Ballot can be submitted per options in Cover letter
You must be the official owner of the property as of 9/2/2022

CCR and Bylaws Comparison
Comparison between current governing document wording and proposed amendments

Draft 2023 Operating and Capital Budgets (Includes $40 (6%) and $132 increase scenarios)
Material shared and reviewed at 8/30/22 base dues increase Town Hall

Leasing Privilege Notification Letter
Mailer to potential lessors on new governing rules, process, and fees

Owner Intent to Lease Form


Amendment Ballot Update (emailed 10/7/22)
Ballot Drop Off Schedule Week of October 3 (emailed 10/2/22)
New Ballot Drop Off Location and Additional Dates (emailed 9/26/22)
Amendment Ballot Collection Update (emailed 9/25/22)
Pavilion Ballot Collection Tuesday (emailed 9/19/22)
Ballot Drop-off Dates
(emailed 9/15/22)
Ballot Collection
(emailed 9/12/22)
Ballot Update
(emailed 9/9/22)
Ballot Announcement
 (emailed 9/6/22)
Base Dues Increase Town Hall (emailed 8/26/22)

Q&A (Updated as questions are submitted to Board)

Q: Can I vote items separately?
A: Yes. Leasing Privileges is one item. The 12 Bylaws items can be voted individually. Finally, the Base Dues increase is an additional item to vote.

Q: As a current homeowenr, do the 18-month and 15% leasing restrictions apply to me?
A: No. As a current owner, the 18-month waiting period and 15% caps do not apply until the property is sold. However, if you are currently leasing you must submit an OIL within 30 days of the amendment passing.

Q: Are AirBnB or VRBO permitted under the proposed Leasing Privileges Amendment?
A: No. The minimum lease is 12 months.

Q: How do I know the Board has received all pages of my ballot?
A: When volunteers collect your ballot they will take care to keep the documents together. If members prefer, they can staple, paper clip or reuse the envelope it was delivered in when turning the ballot over to a volunteer.

Q: When are the ballots due?
A: The Ballot Deadline is October 12, 2022

Q: I haven't received my ballot yet. Where can I get a copy?
A: website - Menu "TCA"->"Amendment Balloting"

Q: Can a proxy be used to vote?
A: No. A ballot must be completed and signed by homeowner



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